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OMEGA was contacted in early 2020 to design a new ingredient mix house for Westway, as their old one was failing. We spent the better part of a day studying how they operate, what their needs were and how they could be better, then developed this concept. IMP panels, USDA clean room certified, trench drains to move excess product, specialized HVAC, Polyaspartic floor coating, kitchen-grade sinks and process equipment racks, all in a very compact footprint. Westway has used this as a model for future mix house construction and asked us to build these in other states, among other projects.

Why OMEGA was the right contractor for the job: 

We like solving complex problems, and were able to do so here cost-effectively. Omega was the Architect and MEP designer for this project, keeping it affordable for the client.

What challenges was OMEGA faced with on this job?

The building is located directly next to the loading drive lane, and with trucks pulling through every 18 minutes, constantly, construction endeavors were a real rodeo. We designed a schedule to accommodate this and finished before our scheduled date.

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