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Feasibility Studies, Pre-Construction Planning, Design/Build, Accelerated Schedule Projects

With years of experience in a diverse portfolio of work, we have the expertise to deliver your project on time and on-budget. With a strong background in Design/Build. We understand how to put a project together, from the initial concept all the way through to the finishing touches.  It all starts with a good plan, and we have relationships with numerous design firms throughout the Baltimore Metropolitan region, each one chosen for their individual merits for a given project. We utilize project CPM scheduling, cloud based building document sourcing for collaborative team input and just-in-time material delivery methods to minimize site dangers and assure quality. Quite simply, we build stuff. With quality.


Project Oversight, Mass Budgeting and Estimation

Want to be intimately involved in the construction endeavor, but don't possess the construction background to handle the project at hand? Hiring us a Construction Manager might be the right step for you. The CM's role is to steward all of the bidding for the owner to ultimately hire the subcontractor and then be the eyes, ears and onsite advisor for the owner throughout the build process. Whether as a percentage of each subcontractor managed, or as a fixed fee, the CM process can be a cheaper option, but involves much more involvement by the owner. We utilize competitive bid tracking tools, MS Project for complex CPM scheduling, BlueBeam Revu for cloud-based construction document insight and, most importantly, work to build strong relationships with everyone involved in the project to ensure effective communication and outstanding results. 



Pre-Engineered Structures, PEMB Roof and Wall Maintenance/Re-Sheeting, Tech-Wall Systems

Pre-Engineered Steel Buildings are our strength and we have had a family affiliation with the industry since 1975. It could be said that we have grown up with the PEMB industry and know it better than most. We represent several brands of Pre-Engineered structures for ultra-competitive pricing and over two dozen brands of wall, roof and building accessories that give us insider pricing and a diverse offering for architectural choices. Moreover, we have relationships with numerous designers, installers and erectors in the MD-PA-NJ region that ensure we have the best costing and the right crew for any job. We have hands-on ability for new structures as well as renovations/additions and excel at Metal Building maintenance and repair. Call us for an onsite building evaluation and estimate. 


Project Analysis, Budgeting and Oversight Consulting

When considering a large project, it has become commonplace to bring in not just a Contractor to perform the work, but an independant industry insider as an Owner's Representative to watch over the project with the owner's best interest's in mind. They are hired solely to oversee the workflow, advise the owner on best practices and ensure project scope and quality are being met. Critcal for owners with little construction industry expertise, and imperitive for those with limited resources for change orders. We have the expertise on hand to understand the end goal, knowledge base to forsee problems ahead of time and suggest solutions, but most importantly, the fortitude and communication to make certain the owner's investment and design intent is being realized. To learn more, please call us. 

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