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Timken Steel is a trusted supplier of parts and equipment for the railway industry and when they needed to expand, they trusted OMEGA to build their new 60,000sf production facility. Upon request from Timken to construct this in a compressed schedule, OMEGA erected the entire steel structure in only 8 weeks, even working right through the rainiest spring in recent history.

Why OMEGA was the right contractor for the job: 

Timken needed the job completed not only with excellent worksmanship, but quickly. We added crews to the project and constructed the entire 60,000sf structure in 8 weeks.

What challenges was OMEGA faced with on this job? 

Rain. Then more rain. Then lots more rain. From a weather perspective, this project was one of the most challenging we've ever faced, but our team is tough and knows how to work safe and steady even when it's really hard. We met our deadline, and then were  honored to be asked to build a second structure on site!

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