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In late 2020 we were called upon to help design a new facility for Richstone Marble and Granite in Chantilly, VA and we are pretty proud of the results. A complicated structure that utilizes almost every aspect of possible PEMB construction, Richstone features IMP wall panels, a complex mezzanine, 2 crane systems, Liner system roof insulation, horizontally mounted accent panels, parapet walls at the front, loading for Solar PV install and three different girt mounting positions on the front marquee wall to create relief.

Why OMEGA was the right contractor for the job:

This very technical project involved almost every facet of PEMB construction possibilities, from a complex mezzanine second story, two bays of cranes, exterior IMP panels, three different front wall girt insets to create relief, multiple parapets, a roof designed for a solar PV system, High-R insulation, liner panels and interior point loads for equipment, this one had it all. OMEGA is honored to have been a design advisor during the development of this project.

What challenges was OMEGA faced with on this job? 

This was a complicated PEMB system that needed to be married perfectly to a sophisticated MEP buildout as well as above average exterior aesthetics. Even given the  challenging winter conditions this was constructed in, OMEGA excelled on the delivery and the finished project is one that we are very proud of.

"It was a pleasure working with Omega on the Richstone Warehouse Project. From design through installation their professionalism and knowledge helped to keep this project on track. No project is completed without a few issues, but their attention and ability to provide solution was very beneficial to the completion of this project. I look forward to our next project together."


John Shipley - Project Manager, Petrie Construction

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