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The landlord for this facility wanted to improve the exterior aesthetic and renovate much of the interior to increase occupancy. Omega reskinned the building with new metal panels, made roof repairs, repaved the entire parking lot, painted the entire facility, and upgraded lighting to LED fixtures. On the interior, we renovated old gang-style bathrooms into office space, made plumbing repairs, installed two new bathrooms, upgraded to LED light fixtures, and created a portal frame pass through for a tenant to have access to warehouse space.

Why OMEGA was the right contractor for the job.

We have a diverse pool of subcontractors, but when we were approached about this project, we knew knew exactly whom to call for the various elements of this renovation. The owner was very pleased with the work, particularly because he was able to immediately rent the spaces that we created, and has now partnered with us on over a dozen other projects.

What challenges was OMEGA faced with on this job?

Numerous challenges working with Baltimore Gas and Electric (BGE), juggling production schedules around a busy facility with multiple tenants, we encountered some legacy infrastructure that needed to be replaced and found a cost effective alternative, and we installed a portal through a 100 year old masonry wall that required complex bracing and shoring work.


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